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Tollbooth destroyed by fire bomb

Five days after the toll at the tollgate surrounding the Norwegian capital increased, two unidentified men threw a fire bomb at one of the booths at Alnabru, Oslo.

It may appear as some people are very upset with the toll increase from NOK 15 (USD 2.30) to NOK 20 (USD 3) as two unidentified men went as far as throwing a fire bomb on one of the booths Monday night.

The incident took place around 9:30 p.m. Monday and was witnessed by a couple on their way home from a vacation trip, according to the Norwegian paper VG.

“Suddenly, a person stepped out from the passenger side, ran over to the next booth where we were supposed to deposit money,” said the 48-year-old woman. “He threw something down the drain. Then he ran back and jumped into the car again, the flames went sky high behind their car.”

The two men of foreign origin had placed a 10 litre gas can by the gate they were driving through and lit it on fire.

“The automat exploded, and the men disappeared at a high speed,” the woman explained.

The couple also tried to get a way from the location, but hit a female security guard who was running towards the area. She was allegedly not hurt in the accident, but she was later checked by emergency personnel that arrived on the scene, according to the paper.

Apparently the unidentified man had poured paint down the drain of the coin automat the couple were about to pass through.

The police located an abandoned car at Ensjø which they suspect was used in the attack. The car was reported stolen in Romerike about at the same time as the attack took place.


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