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Tourists in Norway demand more

The charter tourists in Norway are no longer interested in sightseeing from a bus window. They demand more exotic experiences and want to see the Norwegian nature up close.

According to Gro Jannike Westerlund, market manager at Euro Hotels, tour operators have during the last couple of years become much more demanding on behalf of their customers.

«The majority of charter tourists now want to participate in trips that bring them closer to Norwegian nature,» stated Westerlund in a press release. «Earlier it was only a few tourists who wanted to experience king crab fishing, musk safari and wave rafting. Now the majority demands these and other activities which are offered close to the hotels.»

Westerlund claims that the tourists want much more exotic experiences, but at the same time, the trips must be adopted in such a way that there are no special requirements to physical fitness.

Anniken Enger at Innovation Norway stated that she thinks there are many reasons why the tourists visiting Norway are becoming more demanding. Enger claims tourists are in better physical shape, and in addition, tourists have experienced more than they had a couple of years ago.

However, there is a great difference regarding what Norwegians and tourists characterize as physical activity. For Norwegians, physical activity is a day trip in the woods, while for tourists the definition is closer to a 30 minute walk.


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