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TV-show participant in strip show

Sara Andersson, 23, from the Swedish version of Farmen leaves on a tour with her strip show this weekend, something TV 4 is not particularly pleased with, and they are now threatening to sue.

Sara is for the time being introduced in the strip show as Farmen-Sara.

“This is a business we do not want to be associated with,” said Magnus Janson, head of information at TV 4 to the Swedish paper Aftonbladet.

Double standards

Michael Brinkenstjerna, the organizer of the strip show, is now threatened with a law suit by TV 4 if he continues to use the Farmen name in his marketing.

“This is double standards. The TV companies do not want to be connected with sex, drinking and scandals after the program is completed, but it is all right to show all this stuff on television,” said Brinkenstjerna.

Sara resigned from Farmen yesterday. She could not stand to be away from her 2-year-old son.

“Now I can say good night to my son in the evenings again, and that is just a great relief,” Sara said.

Skimpy dressed model

Sara has worked as a skimpy dressed model in France and Italy, and she has been stripping since she was 18.

“I’m going to quit now, but I’m going to tell everything to my son when he is old enough to understand,” Sara said to the Swedish paper.


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