Oppslagsverk som Cappelens leksikon, Britannica og Wikipedia er gode kilder å ha når du skal finne tørr fakta. Men er du ute etter å vite litt om hva som egentlig rører på seg ute på gata, særlig i utlandet, er det Urban Dictionary som gjelder.

Helt tilfeldig kom underskrevne til å slå opp navnet «Lars». Selv om jeg ikke ble direkte overrasket, ble jeg likevel oppstemt av å lese det som stod der:

«Girls tend to like Lars.»

«Intelligent and smart, and knows how to use his tools. »

Og det fortsetter:

«Basically a scandinavian name that means "the God of all puny humans" from norse language. Larrse was a term used by vikings in the dark ages to describe all Gods basically, and is therefor also the considered meaning of it.»

Vi slo opp de vanligste guttenavnene blant Side3s målgruppe, slik at også dere lesere kan føle dere litt bedre i dag. Les videre for å finne ut hva ditt navn representerer for folk flest utenfor Skandinavia.

Men stopp her om du er så uheldig å hete Espen...


Å hete Anders er faktisk hakket bedre enn å hete Lars.

«In Scandinavia, Being Anders, means to be the best of the best. Next in line of Best-ness is being Lars.»

Og det blir bedre:

«synonym for the adjective 'epic'».

Eksempel på bruk:

«Hey, did you see Transformers?»

"Yeah! good story, awesome effects-- totally anders!»


«A male name. It has links to the god of roman mythology; Mars. The name Morten have connections to both "death" and "master of war".»

«Morten can also be used when comparing someone to an Emperor, King, Übermenchen, an expert at something, or someone simply of a more advanced intelligence or a higher status. People that are too f***ing skilled can also be compared to "Morten" (in many ways!).»

Urban Dictionary kommer også med et eksempel på bruken av orden «Morten» det er verdt å ta med:

«Oh my gawd..! Yes! Holy sh**! You're so good. You're just so f***ing good! I'm totally exhausted! We need to do this more often!"
"Hehe, glad to hear that. I guess you could almost call me Morten.»


«Someone with and incredibly enormous penis. This person is usually good at most things and is smart. He is totally rad when it comes to chicks.»

Eksempel på bruk:

«Did you see that jan making out with her, she's so lucky.»


«The most fantastic and amazing kind of person to ever exist. Extremely smart and witty, and all around charming to interact with, Geir is most definitely the top choice in lifelong happiness for all seeking such a thing.»

«With an endless amount of talent overflowing from a brain so amazing that all else seems dimwitted in comparison, Geir is the epitome of perfection and will attract the love an attention from anyting Geir comes in contact with. Men and women swoon for his sexual appeal, but only a lucky few could ever be so blessed as to actually experience such intense amazement!»

Eksempel på bruk:

«Holy crap you are the most Geir. That's so awesome!»


«A Bjørn is a person of unbearable coolness. Not a synonym for god, but a tier higher. A Bjørn usually walks all over Sammys. Also they are adept at musical comprehension and martial arts. Always spelled with a capital letter, to emphasise importance.»

Eksempel på bruk:

En fyr: «Wow, did you see that? Some dude just trod on a Sammy, shredded a wild solo and did Shaolin Mantis Kungfu on some other dude!»

En annen fyr: «It must be a Bjørn»

Men Bjørn er ikke like populært i alle sammenhenger. Avhengig av hvem du spør, kan du Bjørn også oppfattes slik:

«Worlds most geeky person of all time.»

«People who starts to cry over nothing.»


«Old norwegian pre-christian (before 1100 a.d.), viking word, now used as a boys name, that means :"The one who is satisfied/pleased about his situation/life"».

Også Trond har flere betydninger.

«A norwegian name from old norse, meaning one who takes a piss when the wind is blowing towards one. also see Noldus


«Stian is the fines Norwegian name, only given to extraordinary people. Those who have the name have a tedency to be very good in all they do.»


Oi, beklager. Vi skulle kanskje ha advart mot Terje også.

«A Norwegian form for homosexual hip-hop.»

«Can also be used as a name, but that is used as a insult when the parents hate their child.»

Eksempel på bruk:

«Hello, I hate you my son. I'll call you terje!»

«Come on guys, lets dance som Terje»


«An arctic fox of perfect proportions and lexicographical genius»

Frode kan imidlertid frembringe noen lattersalver her og der. Ordet brukes også om en spesiell type hårvekst:

«A hairy chode. Forms like an afro or a "fro".»


«A patch of hair grown directly under the lower lip. A soul patch


«A guy who is smart and has a big penis».

«One sexy hunk of man.»

«4 buckets of pure awesome rolled up into a tasty bite sized homunculus. Looks good in drag. When he opens his mouth, pure clever spews out and penetrates all those who dare oppose him. He is the master of the universe.»


«The best boyfriend a girl can ask for. Will do anything for you and will love you with all his heart. Any girl who dates him will be the happiest girl on the planet.»

Eksempel på bruk:

«That blonde hair, green eyed kid over there is such a Thomas, Olivia is so lucky to have him.»


Ordet Espen er dessverre ikke like tøft som de fleste andre navnene gutter fikk på 70- og 80-tallet.

«To pull an 'Espen' means performing a normal day activity while simultaneously looking like a complete fuckwad.»


«An Espen is someone who can't complete the most simple of tasks without looking like a total fuckup. They also might be someone who has an opinion on everything although they have know prior knowledge to the topic. Another reason for calling someone an "Espen" is that they will always do half a job.»


«A Kristian is someone who is a bit of a goon and is rather clumsy and will do stupid things like tripping on air and walking into doorframes»

Men på den andre siden:

«But they are also very sweet and caring. Kristians are great boyfriends and you will definitly enjoy the sexy times with a Kris. They kinda smell but it's not too bad, mostly of happiness and childrens smiles.»


«The name for a true gentleman»

Og også:

«Usually a very very very goodlooking straight gentleman that has great taste in women. He has a crazy side to him but only shows it infront of true friends. Has great style, is hilarious, amazing, caring, sweet and will make you smile. You will always have a good time with an Alexander, so if you got a friend named Alexander count yourself one of the luckiest people in the world!»

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