Gå til sidens hovedinnhold

"We have a great chance of making it"

“We have a great chance of making it to the European Championship,” proclaimed Nils Johan Semb, head of the All-Norwegian team, after Martin Laursen counterbalanced Denmark four minutes into overtime against Romania at Parken stadium.

“I didn’t see a second of the game, but I heard the shouting and understood that it went well,” Semb said to TV 2.

Thank you, Martin Laursen!

Norway needed a tie or a Danish victory in the qualifier between Denmark and Romania at Parken. This is what happened:

The Danes became ecstatic when Jon Dahl Tomasson brought the home team into a lead 10 minutes before the break. However, the happy atmosphere changed to frustration when Adrian Mutu and Daniel Pancu advanced for Romania. But then Martin Laursen provided a 2-2 score for the Danish on overtime, and renewed the hope for a possible Norwegian participation in the European Championship.

“There are small margins in this game, and it finally went our way,” Nils Johan Semb said.

Good advice

Semb is now hoping that Morten Olsen’s men do a good job against Bosnia in the last and final game.

“I will give one piece of advice to Morten Olsen. The field down there is terrible to play on. They have a good stadium in Bosnia that they can play the game on, and they should influence them to do so,” Semb said.

“This is a rat race, but I’m an optimist after that positive game,” Semb added.


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