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Weakened belief in the Norwegian monarchy

One of ten Norwegians said their belief in the monarchy is weakened after TV 2’s interview of Princess Ragnhild.

According to a survey conducted by TNS Gallup on behalf of TV 2, Princess Ragnhild’s interview had a negative affect on the belief in Norwegian monarchy.

Princess Ragnhild moved to Brazil 50 years ago. It was the prize she had to pay to marry a commoner.

In the TV 2 documentary, King Harald’s sister revealed her dissatisfaction with her family. In addition, she criticized her niece and nephew’s choice of spouses.

The documentary made a dent. One of ten Norwegians said that they their view of the monarchy is weakened because of the documentary, according to the research agency.

«The things Princess Ragnhild said has weakened the monarchy and the Royal Family’s reputation, but the sympathy may turn because many think the Crown Prince Couple is okay,» said Sociologist Olaf Aagedal to TV 2.

Divided opinions
A pull conducted by Infact on behalf of the Norwegian paper VG indicated that 42.4 percent of the surveyed said that they had «little or no understanding» for the Princess’ statements, while 40.4 percent had «some, rather much and great» understanding for the Princess’ opinions.

There was a majority of men who had an understanding for the statements, while women were much more negative.

However, TV 2 Nettavisen’s readers completely supported the Princess.

The majority stated that she was right when she expressed her opinions of the Crown Prince and his sister.

Believe in the Crown Prince Couple
When the Crown Prince Couple moved back from London last year, many were sceptical if they would become a good King and Queen, but now as many as 83 percent answered that they think they would, according to a pull conducted by TNS Gallup on behalf of TV 2.

Aagedal claims the reason why more people are positive is that the Crown Prince has now acted as regent:

«It appears as if he got thorough training in this,» Aagedal said. «It came as a surprise that he could be that good. I think he appears to be wise and sensible.»

Abolish the monarchy
Also in the political circles, the opposition against the monarchy is increasing. Oslo Labor Party decided yesterday that they are putting the demand that the monarchy as a system of government is abolished on their party program.

According to VG, Oslo Labor Party will suggest this at the national convention next year.


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