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Woman wakes up with a penis in her hand

A woman fell asleep on the night bus home after being out with her friends. When she woke up she had her hand down the pants of an unknown man.

The incident took place on the night bus to Fyllingsdalen Saturday night.

“This is unusually maliciously done. We are taking this very seriously,” said Bjørn Eide, police lieutenant at Fyllingsdalen police department to the paper Bergensavisen.

The woman, who was travelling alone, saw the man at the bus stop at Bystasjonen in down town Bergen. The man walked first passed her, but then turned and got on the same bus as she.

The woman sat down and fell asleep. When she woke up, the man had put her hand down his pants and she was holding his penis.

Too scared to scream

The woman pulled her hand away, but was so scared that she didn’t dare to scream for help. She sat as paralyzed until the bus came to its last station. The man sat next to her and tried to talk to her when he finally got off the buss at Minde.

The police are releasing a description of the man in hope of getting some leads. He looks foreign and speaks Norwegian with a heavy accent. He is likely under the age of 30, approximately 1.70 meters tall. The man has short black hair, a round face, normal body build, but may look a bit heavy.


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